Bonnie and Clyde


Eurasian Eagle Owls

Scientific name

Bubo bubo

About my breed

The Eurasian eagle-owl is a species of eagle-owl that resides in much of Eurasia. It is also called the European eagle-owl and in Europe, it is occasionally abbreviated to just eagle-owl. The Eurasian eagle-owl is considered to be one of the largest owls in the world, with a wingspan of nearly two metres. It is a very large, heavy owl with prominent ear-tufts, and powerful feathered talons.

About me

Bonnie (right) and Clyde (left) are a very close, brother and sister duo. We adopted them following the sad loss of our eagle owl Oscar, who will forever be in our hearts. We were informed that a policeman, who also kept owls, had rescued two Eurasian Eagle Owls from a property following a house raid. He offered the pair a loving home and before long had 8 owlets to look after too! These owls are one of the largest in the world and he understandably did not have the facilities to house ten of them so we offered to take one. We arrived and both Bonnie and Clyde came up to us for cuddles – we could not pick just one! So, we brought them both home and they are just incredible. Clyde is much like Anna, special and needs help with daily life. His big sister Bonnie is always by his side to protect him, help preen or just play with him. Even at 4 years old, we have to provide toys for these two, in particular cardboard boxes and toilet roll tubes – it keeps them entertained for hours!