The Worm


Indian Scops Owl

Scientific name

Otus bakkamoena

About my breed

The Indian scops owl is a resident species of owl native to South Asia and, although only small (23-25cm), it is one of the largest of the scops owls. The upperparts are grey or brown, depending on the morph, with faint buff spotting. The underparts are buff with fine darker streaking.

About me

The Worm came with Didymus and Hoggle. The Worm, who is only 6 weeks old, is very vocal, especially when hungry! For a small owl he has an incredibly good appetite, we do not know where he puts it! Unlike Voo Voo and Didymus, Pinky and The Worm do get along and it is lovely to see Pinky with another one of her kind, especially after losing her partner.