Sir Gawain


Barn Owl

Scientific name

Tyto alba

About my breed

The barn owl is the most widely distributed species of owl and one of the most widespread of all birds. The beautiful barn owl is, perhaps, our most-loved owl. With its distinctive heart-shaped face, pure white feathers, and ghostly silent flight, it's easy to identify. Look out for it flying low over fields and hedgerows at dawn and dusk. Here at the Sanctuary we have 7 barn owls.

About me

Sir Gawain was originally called Guinevere as we believed him to be a female however, we now know he is a boy! Sir Gawain came from a breeder who had a breeding pair of barn owls that, in every clutch they had, they were not providing the babies with the necessary enzymes to develop their immune system and the babies were subsequently dying. The babies needed hand-rearing to survive so we adopted one. Sir Gawain, who is now 2 years old, is a real character and prefers humans to owls! He originally lived in his own enclosure alongside other owls at the Sanctuary however, he became very unhappy and due to his bond with Nic, it was decided that he should live with her. Sir Gawain has flourished in his new home environment, they watch T.V together, go out for rides in the car and even visit Nic’s parents at their home where he is equally as comfortable! As loveable as he is, he is also quite mischievous, and his naughty antics include jumping on Christmas trees!