Indian Scops Owl

Scientific name

Otus bakkamoena

About my breed

The Indian scops owl is a resident species of owl native to South Asia and, although only small (23-25cm), it is one of the largest of the scops owls. The upperparts are grey or brown, depending on the morph, with faint buff spotting. The underparts are buff with fine darker streaking.

About me

Pinky came to the Sanctuary with her partner, The Brain, from a breeder. The Brain was severely disabled, and Paul offered to take him but, as Pinky was so attached to The Brain, he did not want to separate them and took them both. Sadly, The Brain died shortly after and there were concerns over how Pinky would cope but against all the odds she is doing great and is almost 4 years old. Pinky loves beak rubs, is very vocal with her cute squeaks, and enjoys hanging out on her swing!