Asian Brown Wood Owl

Scientific name

Strix leptogrammica

About my breed

Although not classed as endangered, this species is not commonly found in the wild, and so little is known about this species. The Brown Wood Owl is found in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Taiwan, south China and is a resident breeder in south Asia. This species is highly nocturnal and is not commonly found in dense forests.

About me

Regarding Inda, the Sanctuary went against its own rules and bought Inda as a species partner for Bulan as many owls’ benefit from having partners. However, Bulan did not accept her and now they live separately. Inda, whose name means ‘beautiful’ in Malayan, is around 6 years old, and can often be seen at Haverthwaite Railway Station with Elmo, Voo Voo and Koko. She adores a good head scratch, to the point where she falls asleep!